Home Cleaning Supplies Checklist

A well-completed home cleaning kit is the key to successful cleaning.

The ideal cleaning kit is practical, organised, and contains a range of essential products and tools to guarantee great cleaning results.

Our long experience shows that if you have the right products you can do an amazing job with less effort and good products.

Therefore, we have put together a cleaning supply checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your home.

The list of cleaning supplies and products mentioned below are used in our company.



For the Kitchen


  • Viakal Limescale Spray
  • Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray
  • Cillit Bank – Kitchen degreaser
  • Elbow Grease – Kitchen degreaser
  • Oven Pride – Oven cleaner
  • Hob Pride – Hob cleaner
  • Ecover Washing Up Liquid

For the Bathroom


  • Cillit Bank – Limescale & Grime
  • Domestos Bleach
  • Cif Natural Cream Cleaner
  • Method Bathroom
  • Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner or Method Glass Cleaner Spray

For Living Areas/Bedrooms


  • Mr Sheen Multi-Surface Original Polish spray
  • Method Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner

For the Floors


  • Cif – Wooden Floor Cleaner
  • Cif – Floor Cleaner

All other necessary cleanings stuff


  • Hoover (Highly Recommended Mielle)
  • Mop – (Highly Recommended Deep clean mop or Spin Mop with Bucket)
  • Microfiber cloths for windows
  • Microfiber cloths for all other surfaces
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Scrub sponge or Metal sponge (used only for cleaning)
  • Paper Towels
  • Feather duster

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