Oven Cleaning

Specialised Oven Cleaning in London

Why we are the best?

At New Vision Cleaners, we aim to provide you with the ultimate in professional and domestic oven cleaning and detailing service, that will restore your oven, cooktops, range hoods – to a near showroom condition.

We clean all types of ovens, oven door glass, cooktops, Range Hoods and Hood filters too. No fumes, no fuss, no mess. All the projects are completed on the site, in one visit and your oven is ready to use instantly.

Our possession of the right tools and the right technicians to produce great oven cleaning results, make us the most professional oven cleaning services in London. All works are completed on the site in a single visit and your oven is ready to use immediately and we carry the mess away with us.

Certainly, we are the best oven cleaning services, providers!

  • Food tastes better. A clean oven retains heat much more efficiently, and heat is evenly distributed.
  • Saves you money. When an oven is clean both inside and out, it will reach the desired temperature more quickly and using less energy.
  • Potential Health Risks.
  • Prevents fires.


Are the cleaners experts?

Absolutely! They are professionally trained and experienced. Also, they are fully-insured.

Cash or card?

Works both ways. Just make sure to specify in the booking form or mention it while you speak with us on the phone. We just need to know what works better for you. 

What is your coverage?

All London locations. For bookings and request outside M25, please specify it in the booking/request form. 

Can I specify the day of the service?

Yes, just make sure to give us at least a 24-hour notice.

Are you available during weekends/holidays?

Yes, we are available 7 days a week and on bank holidays.

Are there any additional payments except the quote for the service?

The quoted price is final and it includes all charges. However, there might be additional charges for congestion and parking fees.